San Pedro Ceremony (Wachuma)

San Pedro calls the columnar cacti species Trichocereus pachanoi or Echinopsis pachanoi and echinopsis peruvian, this columnar cactus that can become huge, grows so wild in northern Peru, there are also in northern Chile, Bolivia and in Ecuador.

The Master Plant San Pedro or Wachuma is the connection between human beings and Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the universe, this ceremony we reconnect with something you were born with our divine essence belonging to Mother Earth that often remains dormant within us and with only one intention we can reawaken. The ceremonies are held in sacred places of the Incas. It is regarded by the descendants of the ancient peoples of America’s Master Plant, which was used in ancient times for cleaning and purification of body, mind and spirit.

Visions is reached with the San Pedro or Wachuma allow you to connect and better understand who you are and what your mission in life, so it will help to answer questions that were always present within you.

The ceremony Wachuma is held in place with nature by day or by night, the ceremony is conducted by a spiritual guide or shaman.

If you enter the world Wachuma, he will take you on a journey of wisdom and inner peace to your life.

In Peru medical herbalists used to cure alcoholism, depression and other disorders of mood and behavior. Also used by shamans who work with her to heal the soul of their patients. A shaman acts at the same time the functions that carry out a psychologist, a priest and a doctor. That is, their therapeutic uses are not restricted to the physical body, but their ability psychoactive can positively affect neurotransmitters brain, acting in the sphere of the mind and emotions so healing.

The goal of the shaman ceremony dressing is to make his patient “bloom” during the ceremony day or night, make your subconscious “open like a flower ‘, like Trichocereus night-blooming.

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