Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

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The meaning of each ceremony in the retreat

The medicinal water coming from volcanoes gives us this healing and help to detox our body.

Physical, spiritual and mental preparation for more safe experience.

The significance of the ancient concept of Pachamama is the combination of the word “Pacha”.

In the chants inspired by Ayahuasca is the power of wisdom. Listen to the messages of spirits.

This ceremony is performed to create group solidarity, friendship, warmth, wisdom, courage and harmony.

The coca leaf has always been a magical element directly related to curative or diagnostic methods.

To restore the energy to make it shine highlight, flourish, channel the cosmic energy and provide protection.

The kuti is an energetic cleansing ceremony at which the Andean masters.

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Fly to Lima (LIM) first and check the price, after book your separate flight from Lima (LIM) to Cusco (CUZ)