Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony

The coca leaf (Erythroxylon coca) has always been a magical element directly related to curative or diagnostic methods.

Mama Coca is the essential element in the offering, as channeled invocations spiritual beings in the Andean world.

To learn the fate of someone through this ceremony, not only invokes the spirit of the plant, but also to the person, which is considered a cosmic seed. Both spirits are shown and it is revealed to the shaman projections emanating from the person.

Us, considered as sacred cosmic seeds, we are in evolution and the shaman resorts to the plant because this is the fruit of the maximum goddess, the mother earth (Pachamama).

This deity is not only able to guess the fate of a person, but also to guide and heal physically and spiritually, this sacred ceremony guides us in different aspects of our life (love, health, work, family) and thus opens the intuition to guide us in the best way in each of these personal aspects of human beings. The properties of this sheet are endless and invoke the spirit of the plant is also called health, abundance, fertility and prosperity.

The Coca Reading Ceremony is the most recognized and respected in South America divinatory method: considered as of inca origin, actually it is a practice that is lost in the mists of time, being considered as of widespread practice in all pre-Inca cultures, which, like the Incas attributed not only a divine origin but also as a seat of a mother spirit, the soul of the plant, which never dies.

For connoisseurs and believers of his oracular power, the reading of coca leaves is highly accurate. Compared to Western and Eastern divination methods, coca leaves are considered equally or even more accurate than the I-Ching.

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