Offering to Pachamama Ceremony

The significance of the ancient concept of Pachamama is the combination of the word “Pacha”, whose sacred meaning  of time and space recognizes the entire universe,  the land that shelters us, and represents the  wholeness of the natural world, and “mama” the Mother,  the protective motherly energy which we are all protected and nourished by on this planet.

The Pachamama is vital and essential to the life of all mankind , which is why this ceremony is an intrinsic connection between the human and the spiritual realm.

The offering to Pachamama is time for us to offer up our unconditional gratitude and love for all the generosity, protection, strength and wisdom that Mother Earth gives us every day of our lives.

The offering is a way in which man returns to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) that which he/she has taken and received.

With this ceremony we ask Mother Earth to be accepting and open to our offering and positive intentions,  in the same way we open our hearts to her with love and gratitude.

The ceremony of offering to Mother Earth is a cosmic act of reciprocity between humans and nature,  it is the realization of universal and cosmic balance, and fulfills a mutual commitment between ourselves and the planetary energy.

Considering the universal relationship we have with everything around us, it is important to make such offerings in a responsible, loving and conscience way, as we also strive each and every day to keep balance in the natural, social and spiritual systems of our existence. This is necessary in order to avoid imbalances which are often caused by our unconscious and detremental acts towards the planet, and the lack of reciprocity which we show to the very world which sustains and protects us.

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